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scholarship programme from zg club


ZGClub launches it first business survey nationally as part of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group Coalition (ZDFG) http://www.zimbabwesituation.org/?p=14025 objectives to help facilitate discussions between Her Majesty’s Government (HMG), the Zimbabwean Diaspora in the UK and the Government of Zimbabwe on policy issues, the ZGClub have been nominated to deliver theme 9 - Business Community – by consultation with the Zimbabwean Diaspora.
This survey link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G7BNTLL consists of a brief questionnaire (approximately 5 minutes to complete) to be forwarded by you nationally to collate a representational view on the impact of current UK legislative and business conditions in Zimbabwe and their effect on Zimbabwean business enterprise from a UK Diaspora view point.
The survey also sets out to seek or potentially advise on proposed policy making issues and its effect on the Diaspora either in helping business persons to re-engage with corporate Zimbabwe or in supporting suitable conditions for returning citizens intent on setting up business in Zimbabwe.
The effectiveness of this tool depends on your participation and your collective voice and implore you to make your views count and circulate this to every Zimbabwean within your networks to enable the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group Coalition to represent you effectively and accurately.
*** The survey is valid from the 1st of June 2010 until the 15th June 2010 where it closes and the results are developed into a report that will be available to the public on our website www.zgclub.org and other public notice boards for your review. Please click the link to participate and forward this email or link to as many Zimbabweans you have access to so that we can get a well represented group results?
Please note - No personal details are recorded and you will not be contacted for any marketing or research, however should you wish to be more involved in the process please emails Lucia Dube (ZDFG Chair person) mantombie@aol.com  or email us at info@zgclub.org . Alternatively, please follow the developments on this website which will report the national findings on the 20th of June 2010.
Many thanks
ZGClub Board

scholarship programme from zg club

Scholarship Programme

This year the ZGCLub will be raising money for its own scholarship. Inspired by the Zimbabwe Lost Children story and in line with the principles of our Charter, the Club has committed to do its part in helping to provide a steady platform for the country’s future.
We have already received support for the programme and we are grateful to Mr James Mee of Cygnet Hospital Stevenage, Dr Douglas Ncube, and Professor Steve Carter for their generous donation of stationary in support of this worthy cause. To get involved please log on to www.zgclub.org or email info@zgclub.org .


Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Redraft

18th March 2010 - Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group meeting with Foreign Commonwealth Office.
A prudent decision was taken by the coalition to identify leaders for the thematic planning for this forum. The representative of who would be responsible for communicating the views and opinions of all Zimbabwean organisations and individuals within the UK Diaspora. This would be achieved by various means and mediums of enquiry but mainly through email survey, regional conferences and web site submissions where applicable. The ZCGlub was tasked with theme 9 of the 17 themes. The task is to engage the Business Community Groups on thematic related issues and submit findings to the wider group. We will be sending our emails shortly to invite organizations that represent Zimbabwean interests to show their interest in having their say on matters about business centric queries that would improve business in/with Zimbabwe and making it a more attractive economy.

To ensure a proportionate representation all Zimbabwean organisations based in the UK were invited to attend the coalition meeting on the 26th March in Ilford. For those who couldn’t make it please include your organization and indicate the appropriate Theme No. and email it back to mantombie@aol.com at your earliest opportunity for inclusion.

The themes are:
1. Groups working for the benefit of Zimbabweans living in the UK (development in the Diaspora)
2. Groups or charities benefiting subjects in Zimbabwe (development by and through the Diaspora)
3. Media
4. Churches and Religious groups
5. Youth organizations
6. Immigration & Asylum
7. Human Rights Organizations
8 . Arts & Cultural Organizations
9. Business Community Groups
10. Researchers and Think Tanks
11. Women’s Groups
12. Political Parties

Meanwhile, there is a nationwide inquiry which relates to the general perception if the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Bill, 2007 on Zimbabwean in the Diaspora (available for review on http://kubatana.net/html/archive/legisl/070622ieebill.asp?sector=LEGISL ). We will shortly be inviting clubs to contribute to an e-survey, online conferencing and mini conferences so please watch this space and let us know if your organisation has an interest in being part of the consultee pool?


Trade and investment Platform

On the back of the recent successful IAfZ, the ZGClub has created the Bravo team (Kevin Pawadyira (lead) Jimmy Saruchera, Yvonne Kuimba, Chipiwa Matowanyika, and Moses Sithole) to deliver a Trade and Investment Platform focussing on IT & Telecommunication. This will take the form a facilitation of a UK/US/EU investment delegation into Zimbabwe 1st/2nd quarter 2010.


The inaugural “Innovation in Action for Zimbabwe” (IAfZ)

The inaugural “Innovation in Action for Zimbabwe” session hosted in London by the ZG Club ltd, on the 30th of July 2009 at 6.30pm at the Marriott Hotel County Hall, London. In the first ever event of its kind, the session will focus on the application of world class innovation and investment for the redevelopment of Zimbabwe’s infrastructure. Key areas of focus will be Transportation, Energy and Information Technology & Telecommunications.The event was extremely well received and based on the feedback, a resounding success. 67% of the attendees found the presentations to be of immense value with 22% rating them as extremely useful. There also was a great appreciation for the topics with over 56% of the attendees rating them highly.


Repatriating Zimbabwe (ReZim)

Over the next 12 months ReZim, an affirmative repatriation scheme led by K.E. Global Partners and the ZGClub will be launched to facilitate a conduit for Zimbabwean professionals based in the Diaspora to be a part of Zimbabwe’s Change. It is incumbent upon our government whose bastion is for change; to ensure that those who contribute to this change (usually foreign investors and foreign interest groups) have within their Foreign Business Access Strategy, senior ranking Zimbabwean officers as part of their deployment teams. The details of how this will be delivered will be announced via published literature and on the website in the near future. Research suggests that Industry acknowledges the benefits of this incentive from both the foreign investor and the receiving Zimbabwean industry perspective.

For further information please contact us at rezim@kegp.org or info@zgclub.org

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